All by age 21 & 2021 and even a year later:

✅Forbes 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur.com Top 10 Entrepreneur, Fortune Most Impactful Leader

And Forbes Most Influential Nominee, USA Today & Chicago Tribune "Top Investor & Top Entrepreneur", CBS & FOX & RFDTV "Top 20 Entrepreneur", Haute Living & Maxim "Top Entrepreneur", The Street & Venture Beat "Top Investor", Yahoo Top 10, NY Weekly "#1 30 Under 30" & "Top 10 Entrepreneur" & "Top 10 Social Media Accounts", Marketing Conference Top 100 Honoree, Business Mint "40 Under 40" & "Serial Entrepreneur Of The Year", Youtube 2X 1M+ Subscribers Gold Award, etc.

✅Royston G King is a self-made & world-renowned multi-millionaire award-winning 8-figure serial entrepreneur, multiple best-selling author, celebrity socialite media personality, world's most coveted sought after advisor partner, most in-demand TEDx & keynote speaker, world leading philanthropist, and preeminent global authority in wealth & fame creation

✅Partner & advisor to A-list celebrities, billionaires, royal family brands, 8 & 9 figure and billion-dollar brands, public-listed companies, New York Times best-selling authors, social media verified (#1 rated Asian & best North American awarded actors, NBA and NFL pro athlete champions, hall of fame musicians, entrepreneurs, personal brand influencers, etc.), government, Fortune500, Forbes 1000, Inc5000, 100+ year old businesses, companies with 100+ store locations, & the world’s biggest brands

✅Investor & board of advisor to 100+ companies across hundreds of all types of industries & 6 continents. All with enterprise value surpassing USD $1+ billion

✅Over 12+ million direct social media followers, 1+ million members, & 1+ billion views

✅Endorsed by the world’s top celebrities

✅Collaborated with A-list celebrities, Shark Tank brands, Y-combinator companies, billion-dollar public-listed companies, & the world’s largest brands

✅Verified on Google & social media

✅Mentor, coach, & director at the world’s #1 incubators, accelerators, & startup communities to thousands

✅Top expert council member & contributor to the world’s biggest news media publications

✅Featured in thousands of most of all the world’s major biggest news media publications (including TV, radio, movies, newspaper, music songs, New York Times Square billboard, magazine front cover, commercials with millions of views, etc.)

✅Honorary recipient of dozens of awards/accolades (including Top 10s, Top 20s, 30 Under 30, 40 Under 40, Top 50s, Top 100s, top investor, top entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur of the year, most influential, etc.)

✅Rubbed shoulders/taken photos with dozens & super connector to most the world’s biggest A-list celebrities, billionaires, billion-dollar CEOs, Hollywood, media moguls, billion-dollar fund managers, world's youngest millionaires, world's best marketers, government, etc.

Not limited to Tim Cook, Steve Wozniak, Richard Branson, John Paul Dejoria, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Cialdini, Grant Cardone, Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, Scott Patiner, Charlie Rocket, Gary Gold Playboy Mansion Realtor, Vincent Stanley, Chrissy Costanza, Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai, Donnie Yen, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Vincent Tan, Idris Jala, Kevin O' Leary, Jeffrey Cheah, Tan Eng Kee, etc.

✅Partner of multiple multi-million-dollar investment funds and raised multi-millions of dollars. Backed by investor network of USD $100+ million-$1+ billion asset under management by ultra-high-net-worth individuals & their portfolio of companies. Also, superconnector of deal flow for world's top $100M-$1B+ VCs

✅Owner, C-suite executive, board member/director, acquirer, operator & seller to over a dozen multiple multi-million-dollar companies and the world's largest billion dollar brands backed by A-list celebrities, with hundreds of staffs & dozens of offices globally

✅Founder of Royston's own Good Purpose Foundation. President, donor, director, executive committee, trustee, board member, chair, advisor, ambassador, consultant, & mentor at multiple of the world’s largest not-for-profit charity organizations. Including being the board of advisor to not-for-profits backed by A-list celebrities and are the official partner of the world's #1 largest companies

✅Sold & exited Master Scaling (group of industry & nation-leading digital agencies in lead generation & direct-to-consumer ecommerce) as sole founder 100% bootstrapped from $10k loan from brother-in-law to multi-millions of dollars. Team managed advertising for a billion-dollar company. 500+ clients served with 100+ positive reviews including USA's #1 highest rated lawyer, USD $50M+/year, USD $100M-$1B+ companies, etc.

👑He is one of the world’s most highly in-demand life & business grandmaster strategist, and one of the world’s most influential & greatest-of-all-time icons from his age/origins/time. And the world's most coveted & sought after preeminent first-of-its-kind exclusive trusted advisor partner.

👑Royston is the world's most accomplished self-made entrepreneur by age 21, year 2021, & even a year later from Malaysian Chinese origins in his category, with groundbreaking unparalleled accomplishments. He is a multiple record breaker & holder for many achievements unprecedented from his age/origins/time.

👑No one in this world from his age/origins/time has the accomplishments, experiences, track record, & connections like Royston.

👑Additionally, no one in this world from his age/origins/time has the unique level of philanthropy like Royston.

👼We channel all endeavors to serve a higher purpose for the betterment & enlightenment of the collective consciousness of humankind to create a heaven on earth.

I'd like to highlight this 2022 Forbes article below as it sort of summarizes my journey and mission so far:

"Royston G King, Forbes 30 Under 30.. made multimillions before the age of 22.."

"One of the world's most sought-after strategist.."

"Pinnacle of not only the most accomplished self-made entrepreneur from his age, origins, and time..

his unparalleled philantropy.."

"King has achieved every single thing possible in the business realm."


Royston G King's Celebrity Billion-Dollar Wall Of Fame (Royston is connected to a lot more of the world's biggest celebrities, billionaires, & the world's most powerful people that he can't show publicly

Nathaniel Ru, Co-Founder Of Sweet Green, Billion-Dollar Company

Chrissy Costanza, Against The Current Band

Dr Lim Wee Chai, Billionaire

Donnie Yen, A-List Celebrity Actor In Star Wars

Wong Kok Hoi, Private Meeting & Signature, USD $3 Billion-Dollar Fund

Ramli Ibrahim, World's Most Accomplished Indian Classical Dance & Choreographer In The World

Vincent Tan, Billionaire

Idris Jala, World Famous Business Leader

Kevin O' Leary, Mr Wonderful ABC Shark Tank For Royston's Company

Auguste Kwan, World-Famous Award-Winning Canadian Actor

Jeffrey Cheah, Billionaire

Tan Eng Kee, Billionaire & Founder Of Public-Listed Company

Tessa Wijaya, Cofounder Of Xendit, Billion-Dollar Company

Dennis Nguyen, Founder Of Society Pass, NASDAQ listed company

Patrick Grove, $400M Net Worth By Forbes

Jaeson Ma, Founder Of 88 Rising

David Law Tien Seng & Vincent Tan, Billionaire & $175M Net Worth By Forbes

Leong Hoy Kum, $250M Net Worth By Forbes

Yinglan Tan, First ASEAN Venture Partner Of Sequoia Capital

Gackt, Japan's biggest rockstar



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World's Most Coveted & Sought After First Of Its Kind Exclusive Advisory And Consulting Partner

The Ultimate All-In-One Platform For Restaurants

Investment Conglomerate Group, Family Of Companies, & Venture Building Partner

Most Coveted Ethical & Contemporary Celebrity Luxury Lifestyle Lifestyle Brand. And The World's First In Pioneering The Good Purpose Life Vision & Movement Of The New Generation Of Human Beings

World's First Health Brand Of Its Kind Dedicated To Making 100 Years & Beyond The Normal Human Living Age

One Of The World's Largest Media Brand & Platform Spreading Viral Positivity & Wisdom

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